Whirlpool Vitamagic Refrigerator: A new Cutting-edge throughout Foodstuff Maintenance Technological innovation.

Refrigerators have become a vital household appliance, and industry is flooded with numerous brands and models that promise to help keep our food fresh and healthy. Whirlpool Vitamagic is one innovative refrigerator that has taken the meals preservation technology to another location level. In this article, we shall explore the features and benefits of Whirlpool Vitamagic and how it stands out of other refrigerators.

Whirlpool Vitamagic has been made to focus on the present day household’s diverse needs and requirements. It comes with a host of features that ensure the food stays fresh for a lengthier time.

VitaFresh Plus Technology: Whirlpool Vitamagic is equipped with VitaFresh Plus technology, which helps maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for approximately 14 days. This technology creates a microclimate in the vegetable compartment that controls humidity levels, preventing the food from blow drying and keeping it fresh for a far more extended period.

Zeolite Technology: Whirlpool Vitamagic uses Zeolite technology, which prevents the ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing the ethylene gas they emit. This technology ensures your fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a far more extended period, reducing food wastage.

6th Sense IntelliFresh Technology: This feature adjusts the temperature in the refrigerator automatically, with regards to the food’s quantity and external temperature. whirlpool vitamagic ensures that the meals stays fresh for a far more extended period and saves energy.

Active Deo Technology: Whirlpool Vitamagic is equipped with Active Deo technology, which keeps the refrigerator’s interior free from unpleasant odors. This technology uses a built-in filter that eliminates bad odors, ensuring your food stays fresh and smells good.

Air Boosters: Whirlpool Vitamagic has air boosters that ensure uniform cooling through the entire refrigerator, preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring your food stays fresh for a lengthier time.

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