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6 Guilty Pleasure games and why we can't stop playing them | Trusted Reviews guilty pleasure game

What helps create a classic guilty pleasure video game? For starters, we don't like to admit that we enjoy them, and typically won't play them in.

It can be a game that you're ashamed of for playing or one that has bad reviews and you actually agree from an unbiased point of view, but you really like it for.

From kids' games to casual games, there are plenty of video game guilty pleasures out there that we all love but would never admit to playing.

They said both games were mediocre I have run my course on both games. It was at this moment I realized that both those games were my guilty pleasure video.

OPINION: Nick Cowen argues that there are some games that are better (and more addictive) than their crappy Metacritic score implies. The big.