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edit. おいろけの術 (Oiroke no Jutsu) In the manga, the Sexy Technique usually takes the form of a naked woman whose private parts are obscured by smoke.

The most ridiculous had to be the "Sexy No Jutsu" which the young ninja used to transform himself into an older female version of himself.

an awesome technique(jutsu) that Naruto Uzumaki performs where he turns into a hot girl and distracts his enemy or to get what he wants. He taught this.

Naruto: Haha! No one can survive my Sexy Jutsu! ONE HANDED STYLE * Oiroke no Jutsu*. image sasuke: that's cuz you're already sexy, bro. naruto: bro.

My vision of this Reverse Harem no jutsu of the chapter 682, Naruto Shippuden everybody see it: image but in my head I see it! image. and my reaction.