Sacha Baron Cohen finally admits the worst part about filming THAT scene from “Borat” | Rare - sacha barron naked


Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno naked on the cover of GQ - Telegraph sacha barron naked

His smooth appearance is a far cry from the infamous image of his previous character, Borat, sporting a 'mankini' and lots of body hair.

If you remember one thing from the faux documentary beyond the grating impression of Veeehry niiiiace! it's surely the extended sequence of two men naked.

We're perhaps beginning to better understand the reasons why Sacha Baron Cohen pulled out of Bohemian Rhapsody after Queen had originally agreed to the comedian playing the role of Freddie Mercury. “Sacha wanted to make a very outrageous film, which I would imagine Freddie.

Sacha Baron Cohen has posed naked - as his alter ego Bruno - for the cover of GQ magazine.

James asks John Leguizamo about his nude scenes in the new season of " Bloodline" and Sacha Baron Cohen recalls being duped about a.