Ulnar Gutter Splint - thumb spica ocl


thumb spica ocl

In a clinical trial, Becker et al compared prefabricted neoprene hand-based thumb spica splints with custom-made thermoplast splints for.

Cut hole in stockinette for thumb. ○. Elbow at 90º. ○. Forearm neutral with thumb up. ○. Slightly extended wrist (10–20º). POSTERIOR. LONG ARM. SPLINT.

This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Thumb Spica Splint, Thumb Spica Orthosis, Functional Thumb Spica Splint.

The use of plaster splints in the form of prefabricated splint rolls (e.g., OCL) is very .. allow a short arm splint to keep the thumb free, cut a hole in the Ace.

Length: Measure out the dry splint at the extremity to be splinted Sugar tong splint; Thumb spica splint; Ulnar gutter splint; Radial gutter splint; Finger splints.