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beaver facts, beaver information. have semi-opposable little fingers (not thumbs), with which they maneuver all sorts of building materials. . the young beaver will find a new, untouched stream, or perhaps an old dam and lodge, abandoned.

The mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa) is a North American rodent. It is the only living member forests, but throughout most of the range appear to prefer the former. Their thumbs are slightly opposable and the animals will sit on their.

The North American beaver lives throughout most of Canada and the U.S., as well as parts of Mexico. The only other species, the Eurasian.

Did you know? Mountain Beavers have opposable thumbs. Female Mountain Beavers begin breeding at two years old. Mating takes place in late winter and.

Anything plant-based is potential beaver food. much as a person would, although they do not have opposable thumbs. After about six weeks, these kits will be old enough to eat solid beaver food, which every family.