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When I remove my pantyhose, I wash them almost immediately in a special hosiery wash I now have to buy online. For those guys wearing pantyhose, do you all wore underwear under your pantyhose or over them? When you wear pantyhose or stockings, do you ever noticed guys staring at.

Aug 2, 2012 Reading the suggestion of reinforced inner thigh pantyhose made me curious. . I seldom wear them though, so I can't say how long they last.

Jul 19, 2016 Idk if I'm doing something heinously wrong or what, but ever since I was a kid I can't wear a pair of pantyhose more than once or twice before I.

Dec 2, 2015 The secret to tights that last all winter? That's why TODAY Style collected some expert tips to make your tights last all season long (including one amazing trick that involves your freezer. “You only need to do this once.

I wear L'eggs Sheer Energy mostly and usually get 6-8 wears out of them. They are definitely worth it for how nice they make my legs look/feel.