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I have already sold an adult DVD using Auctiva about 2 weeks ago, so I know what I can and cannot have regarding images and text. I am selling 3 DVDs, I have.

Adult and sexual wellness items must be listed in the correct category and must R18, or unrated for an adults-only audience; Sexually explicit anime, comics.

A: No, Adult eBay (aka "Mature Audiences Items") does exist on the items that are listed on eBay (we act only as a listing agent) we did segregate this category .

Original as published, extracted from a 1980s Playboy Magazine, a wonderful Vargas Art Print Sheet, The print Measures 8 x 10 in Inches and it has been.

Mature Audience Only: Long Arm Bondage suspension Tripod. Our popular tripod with more room to play with. Suspension bondage with a bit more elbow room.