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Erotic fiction: read Toys. She's yelling over the noise of music and loud chatter in the background. “I'm at Brown's and there's this amazing jazzy.

Lesbian erotic story: read Comings and Goings. "I slid my . Lesbian erotic stories - Lesbian stories . Erotic fiction: read The Birthday Bash.

We're partnering with erotica author and expert Rachel Kramer Bussel to bring you steamy stories written by women. Enjoy the selection below.

Read story The 'No Guilt' Hotel (Lesbian Erotica) by ParisRivera with 104694 We all had name-tags, not our real names but kind of fiction names like 'Jet' and.

Talk Dirty To Me (Collection of Lesbian Short Stories) . eyes to roll back, my palms to press against the tiled wall, and erotic whimpers of her name to spew out.