Cranial nerves anatomy pathology - facial paralysis after skull fixture


An unusual case of facial nerve palsy following soccer related minor head injury facial paralysis after skull fixture

After two days he developed a profound left lower motor neurone facial nerve palsy. The facial nerve is prone to trauma as it passes through the skull base.

Skull fracture to the temporal bone (through which the facial nerve travels) is responsible for causing facial palsy. This is Facial palsy after head trauma.

palsy), trauma, inflammation tumors, and others3. The facial nerve palsy following trauma, is an uncommon condition which occurs in 1.5% patients of skull base.

paralysis was seen in 11 individuals, two cases of paralysis appeared after with fixtures for a BAHA or a BAE have experienced facial nerve damage, which is Due to the complicated acoustic properties of the skull, the possibility that.

The condition disrupts the function of the facial nerve, which interrupts the messages that the brain sends to the facial muscles, resulting in.