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Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed, Heating Pad or Cold Compress for. Breast-Warmers relieves discomfort associated with Mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing, nipple vasospasm/ Raynaud's phenomenon. Breast-Warmers are warm as long as they are worn, no. Breast-Warmers Natural Body Heat Therapy Breast Pads (Regular (C Cup and up), White - 2 Pairs): Baby.

Breast-Warmers provide GENTLE warmth and keeps the breast dry with two layers 100% Swedish Merino wool, and one layer 100% soft silk tricot. Wool from .

SAFE, GENTLE WARMTH WHENEVER YOU NEED IT Unlike traditional heating- pads, Breast-Warmers require no warming or microwaving. These Swedish.

The Silk & Wool Breast Warmers are a comfortable warm breast therapy aid to help relieve pain from mastitis, blocked ducts, & engorgement.