Baking Soda Gender Test: What Is It, How to Do It, and Does It Work? - baking soda and sex


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There are many traditional beliefs about how parents-to-be can find out the sex of their baby before the birth. The baking soda gender test is an.

THE END OF BAKING SODA SEX CONTRO1. WAY back in 1932, when we only had a worry about,. Chapter II of the Unterberger sex-control.

Baking soda, known chemically as sodium bicarbonate or the chemical It is this quality that also makes it a cheap and effective way to give your sex life and.

Is the baking soda gender test an easy and accurate way to identify if None of these factors have anything to do with the sex of your baby.

Moms Swear by the Baking Soda Gender Test — Here's What the Science to have to wait until the second trimester to learn their baby's sex.