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my little girl has a hairy back in Your Toddler's Growth and Development | Forum | Huggies hairy toddler

Some toddlers have fine, downy hair on the arms, legs, back, or even face. Hair patterns during toddlerhood, says Buka, are no indication of how hairy a child.

She is a great little girl - bright and funny and is rarely sick. When she was born, she was quite hairy - she had a full head of black hair with.

Hi, my daughter was a hairy toddler too, hairy back and arms, as she got older the hairs thinned and became fewer and lighter. Now she is 10 and has hardly.

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The reason for it is most likely genetics — if you or your child's other parent had a lot of body hair as a toddler (or someone in either of your families did), your.