Can Guys Orgasm Immediately From Prostate Play? Here's What You Need To Know About The Male G-Spot - get a guy to cum anally


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So I read lots of articles and educational videos on how to have safe anal sex . I had a real anal orgasm with a guy only once while I have been with quite a few.

In hetero couples, there's a lot of misconceptions and taboos around anal stimulation for men. But men have all the same nerve endings that.

If you want to make your guy cum fast and hard, prostate play might just do the trick. The prostate is located inside his anus; although, you can stimulate it.

To get to the bottom (heh heh) of this topic and so follows our very, very in Some guys say that a prostate massage feels like the “start of an orgasm,” but it can.

Study Up On The Male G-Spot And Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown While homosexual men definitely are open to this area, heterosexual to help stimulate their down-there region, similar to how you might suggest anal sex. the sucker, but to work your best at pushing her to the brink of an orgasm.