What’s different about getting braces as an adult? - braces as an adult


Braces For Adults: What Are The Orthodontic Treatment Options? braces as an adult

It's no fun having braces as a teenager, but what about when you are an adult? In the US, the number of adults seeking braces increased by.

Although childhood is the ideal time to make changes in the positioning of the teeth, more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment and coming away with.

Shutterstock. To begin, I got totally screwed over in the dental genes department. I was born with a pretty severe overbite and a mouth that was.

You can get braces at any age and it's more common now to see adults with braces than it was a few decades ago. But how long do adults.

Me too, and so like hundreds of other UK adults, I have traded the indignity of a crooked smile for the indignity of wearing an adult brace.