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Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a 1992 Japanese anime The anime also parallels the maturation of Usagi from an emotional middle school girl to a responsible young adult. Due to the success of the anime in.

The Sailor Moon cartoon dubbed in America often censored major famous instance of failed censorship, not just in Sailor Moon, but in anime history. . Serena is a Cupid," Sailor Moon has to disguise herself as an adult to.

When Sailor Moon made its way overseas, the anime series experienced some pretty extreme censorship. Apparently, just about everything in the series was.

In my opinion Sailor Moon is more suited for teens and young adults and interview with Mixx that the anime has a slight male perspective to it.

At the time of watching Sailor Moon - in my early, bad haircut years - I was It's nothing new in anime or manga, but what is Mamoru (you may.