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The green iguana (Iguana iguana), also known as the American iguana, is a large, arboreal, . Adult iguanas found on most of St. Lucia, mainly on the northeastern coast, Louvette and Grand Anse, have many When compared to the common green iguana, females lay about half the amount of eggs, 25 instead of 50.

Adult male green Iguanas can become aggressive for a three-month period, as a result of the breeding season. Adult female green Iguanas can produce eggs.

Females remain sleek and look more like juveniles. In the photo below, the iguana to the left is a typical adult female, while the one on the right is a male.

Unless you can provide adequate facilities for an adult green iguana, you Male green iguanas reach a greater length than female green iguanas, which rarely.

Adult, Iguana iguana (iguana); the iguana pictured was a medium-sized female ( 1.2 kg, 300 mm snout-vent length, 565 mm tail length).