Adult Diapers Convenient and Hygienic for Women - adult diaper for convienience


Anyone else use their nappies/diapers for convenience? | Urinary Incontinence | Forums | Patient adult diaper for convienience

Sure. There are literally thousands of people (which is a very conservative number by the way) who do just that, and you can find groups of people who share.

When I first started wearing pads/nappies, I only wore them in case of emergencies/accidents and tried to make it to the bathroom and never.

I am wearing adult diaper by convenience for several years now. I live in France and have created a blog to share it with everyone and it is.

and wouldn't be an issue if wearing adult diapers all the time was . I wear diapers for convenience; if you call leaving my home, going to.

The lucky things is that wearing adult diapers is a solution to problems, not a problem More and more women are finding diapers as a much more convenient.